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There are strong advantages to working with A&A Textile, Inc.

a well established international business in the Manhattan Garment Center.

Our Network


We have established solid working relationships with the world's finest textile designers and manufacturers. The businesses we work with have solid reputations for providing quality goods in exchange for a comparatively modest investment.

Our Reputation


As a company dedicated to setting a higher standard within the textile industry and our community, we recognized early on the need to stock fine quality designer fabrics for our rapidly growing customer base. Buyers needed a consistently reliable source for their materials - a wholesale textile supplier that respected their input and had the experience and capacity to find and carry a vast collection of unique, exotic fabrics as well as those trending and in highest demand. We understand business practices that lead to developing long lasting, great relationships with both our customers and our vendors. During our 30 years in business we are proud to call our customers and vendors loyal friends.

Trending Fashion Fabrics


To maintain a vast selection at low prices, we opted to warehouse the bulk of our fabrics in New Jersey and keep a 3300 square foot showroom in New York City's garment center.

Uniquely, we stock our three locations with fine quality designer fashion fabrics so you can have it today which keeps your work flow moving without interruption... You see it, You touch it, You take it.

Our inventory of premium fabrics with immediate availability is unmatched, and our large warehouse allows us to stock fabrics for all seasons year round. Every designer and buyer KNOWS the value in that feature alone. You can visit any time of the year and find that "must have" special item for your collection.

Laces, trims, woven, knits, silk, wool, cotton, polyester, blends are all available.

We are known as your one stop shopping source.

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